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Importance of Applying to Film-Making Workshops & Labs

تاريخ التحديث: 2 مارس 2020

The first arrangements that you might want to consider are traveling to and from the workshop. Once that is out of the way; bear in mind that these labs and workshops generally are a chance to meet various filmmakers from different cities. Each film-maker carries his/her own spice to offer to production.

Try and immerse yourself in the workshop as much as you can, while getting to know your peers. They might have different perspectives which you may not agree with, but it may also broaden your horizons.

You will mostly be surrounded by people that may be able to offer great information and insights. Ensure to collect all data as accurately as possible. You might be able to get insights from the very start to the end of the creation of films. Which means you’ll most likely get briefings on pre, during, and post-production.

Workshops generally offer in-class assessments and tests. Some of them also involve putting together team members. Try and focus as much as possible on the assessments as you may be working on already completed real-life projects.

Just like at your workplace - good leaders account for good teams; good mentors account for a good learning experience.

Try to connect with industry experts with the same interests as you. This will help you learn from the best.

Establishing good connections in these workshops ensures yourself a crew in the future. Most of your colleagues may be at a similar stage in their life and this means you could use each other’s help. You might end up finding yourself a job or freelance project while you’re at it!

Now get out there and explore and make sure to learn as much as you can.

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